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❀ Thank you, from the bottom of my heart
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18th-Mar-2009 11:43 pm - Mod post;; moving moving moving!
⇒ Naoto • iii
 Yo guys~ I'm sorry if I've been an ass and haven't posted these days. For those watching the comm who haven't checked a public post on my journal, my laptop broke and I got a new computer. Bad news is I don't have photoshop installed in here and I've been slow on making graphics these days 8|

anyhow, requests are closed and I'm working on them atm. Since summer just started, expect a graphics post sometime this weekend, but not on this comm anymore.

yep. you heard me: NOT ON THIS COMM ANYMORE.

Somehow, after staring at some graphics communities, I realized on how cluttered and unorganized ailequen  has become. I'm also a sad emo knight and realized that some lj users out there are using my icons without credit ;______; , which sparked a realization that anyone on the internet could just come in, take my graphics, and then run around using them without credit ;w;

that, and I find ailequen  as a name a tad too...plain? yea, plain, because, lol mashing the words "aile" and "vespiquen" isn't a very original idea imo |D and I know it's a shallow reason. wtf

so uh, from this point on, future graphics posts will no longer be located at ailequen, but at

pls be joining that comm if you wish to continue watching my graphics/profile layouts. I promise I'll have a multi-fandom batch up this weekend or next week, promise ;___________________;
unless I become to obsessed over roleplaying that I forget. lol /brick'd

17th-Mar-2009 04:25 pm - Promotion: cg_lims
⇒ Naoto • iii
Sorry, no graphics post 8D; BUT UM, HAVE ME PIMPING A CONTEST 

ps: request post is still open so request gogogogo 8D

2nd-Mar-2009 05:43 pm(no subject)
⇒ Naoto • iii

Request post is now open


1. There are unlimited slots available for icons. However, Profile layouts have only ten slots available.
2. you have a choice of Four Icons or One profile layout*
* Profile layouts are all sharable by default and cannot be unsharable
3. Only watchers of ailequen are beneffited from this request post unfortunately. 
(But you can like...watch ailequen if you want 8D;;)

Profile layout slots: [2/10]
1 rkylo 
2 crimsonchidori 

Profile layout slots: [3/infinity]
1. timedrift 
2. momotarukun 
3. beppin14 

<b>Profile layout or Icons?</b>:
<b>Image URL(s)</b>:
<b>Sharable or unsharable?(profile layouts are automatically sharable</b>:
<b>Random question: How're you feeling?</b>:


1st-Mar-2009 10:08 pm - Mod post: OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD
⇒ Naoto • iii

You have no idea how this makes me so...so happy ;_______________;
for sure, I know 35 watches doesn't sound...much for some people b-but for someone like me.... ;______________;

and to celebrate I'll put up a request post right after this. 8DDD

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